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    Air conditioning has a hard life in the Texas heat. Even the most expensive equipment does not last forever. The time will come when any air conditioning system will no longer be able to be repaired and needs AC replacement Cedar Park Tx. Brian’s Heating and Cooling is air conditioning replacement in Cedar Park.

    Older systems, those over ten years old, were not nearly as well designed as today’s air conditioning systems are. New systems offer better cool for the buck. Greater efficiency means you’ll be spending less money to stay cool, which is totally cool. New equipment has also been specifically designed to accommodate today’s larger and better insulated homes.

    Residential & Commercial AC Replacement

    Brian’s Heating and Cooling installs and services both residential and commercial air conditioning systems in Cedar Park. Problems in a home system can make families uncomfortable, and even pose a health problem if there are small children. Restaurants and retail establishments can’t afford to have air conditioning malfunction, because uncomfortable customers will leave without buying.

    Signs that your AC may have a problem include unexplained increases in your energy bills, a system that seems to be on constantly, and one that blows only air but not cool. AC that is malfunctioning works harder and harder to maintain the same level of comfort, so it uses more and more energy. That also significantly increases the possibility of damage occurring. If your system is fairly new but not functioning properly, there could be another problem. Your original unit might not have been properly installed. That’s why it’s a good idea to go with a local company that has a reputation to uphold.

    Quality AC Replacement Cedar Park TX

    If you think you have a problem, give us a call. If it’s something minor, we’ll find the problem and fix it. If it is something major, we’ll show you the problem and explain how it can be remedied. If we think the system needs to be replaced, we explain why, and provide you with options and estimates. We’re honest, and we will not try to sell you something you don’t need. Brian’s Heating and Cooling has been in this business for years, and a successful air conditioning business depends on its reputation.

    Replacing an air conditioning system is a little more complicated than dropping equipment on a slab and hooking it up. Existing ductwork should be inspected, and the wiring should be checked. Inefficient duct systems can make even a new system work harder than it needs to, and could be part of the reason the existing system needed to be replaced.

    When your existing system is replaced, it’s a good idea to check how much area the AC system will be asked to cool. This is more than a matter of square feet, because windows, doors and exterior walls exposed to sun all come into play. It’s possible that the need for replacement was because the equipment was insufficient to cool the interior spaces. You also want to be sure the unit is not larger than it needs to be, which creates more cost and uses more energy than necessary. Give us a call. We’re Brian’s Heating and Cooling and we offer ac replacement Cedar Park TX.

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