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AC Replacement Round Rock

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No air conditioning system or HVAC system lasts forever, and will eventually need replacing. Brian’s Heating and Cooling is your AC replacement company in Round Rock.

A well-maintained AC system will last ten or more years, even if it needs some repair. AC equipment works hard in the long Texas summer. Among the indicators of trouble in an AC system are sudden and sharp increases in your energy bill, your equipment working longer and longer periods, and feeling only warm air coming through your vents.

Often equipment can be repaired, but at some point repair costs start mounting up. If your AC equipment needs more and more attention, it may not be worth repairing. Money that goes into extensive repairs might be more efficiently spend purchasing a new system.

Today’s AC and HVAC equipment is better designed and more energy efficient. There have been some recent developments in the technology, and you should talk with your AC contractor about options. It’s quite possible that your cooling needs have changed since the original unit was installed. The addition of windows and doors, or alterations of internal spaces can change the cooling load an AC system. Because of such changes, you may need a smaller unit, or a larger one. You should have your contractor do a walkthrough to assess cooling loads and what capacity AC your space requires.

Replacement is expensive, and most people have little knowledge of AC equipment. It’s important to deal with a contractor that you can trust. An experienced local contractor with an established reputation is your best bet. Read customer evaluations and talk with your contractor before signing a contract. Trust is an important factor.

AC replacement in Round Rock means Brian’s Heating and Cooling. We’re an experienced and trusted local business. We offer free estimates.

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