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Home Remodeling

A company that is remodeling a residence or a business must find and hire a range of subcontractors for the various aspects of improving and updating a premises. For maximum profitability, the project should be done quickly and thoroughly. As you know, this requires that the various tasks be coordinated, and kept within budget. Expertise and reliability are key elements.

Brian’s Heating and Cooling would like to work with you on your home remodeling projects. We offer expertise and reliability. Our staff has consistently been highly rated by customers as courteous and competent. We are a family-owned and operated business based in Round Rock, Texas. Doing good work on time and within budget is a matter of family pride.

Renovation of a structure is a good time to update the air conditioning/ heating system. In particular, a thorough cleaning of any existing ductwork should be done. However, we recommend that the remodeling plan consider replacing existing ductwork. Existing defects in the system can result in inefficient cooling and heating, in the long run costing considerably more than replacement. Our team will quickly and expertly either clean or replace the ductwork in your project.

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We also recommend the installation of new air conditioning/ heating technology, which incorporates the latest efficiencies and will save on your client’s energy bills. Here in Texas, that can be a sizable amount of money.

Brian’s Heating and Cooling employees are experienced and dedicated. Our teams work well with both individuals and with other contractors

You want happy clients. They will want to stay cool in the Texas heat, and warm in those winter cool spells. Ductwork and units that we install will help do that. Happy customers will lead to more work for all of us. Let us work with you to help make your remodeling project a success.

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